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Focusing on the whole child






Why Choose Us?



GCAC of Georgia staff has vast experiences working with children and families facing challenging situations.

The passion the staff share for children and healthy families is evident as they approach each case individually, providing the child with every chance to grow.

The staff works with the foster parents to secure services and resources needed for the children while providing support all along the way.

We provide 24 hour coverage and are responsive to the needs of our families.



Foster child, placement, foster agency


GCAC of Georgia, works closely with the Georgia Department of Family and Children Services to ensure children are placed in safe and nurturing homes.


Our team of professionals provide personal attention to our foster families and work to develop a warm and welcoming relationship.


GCAC of Georgia  values our foster families. We walk beside them every step of the way through the foster care and adoption experience. GCAC was established in 2006. The partnerships with our families are long term as we provide them with the tools and trainings they need to be successful throughout their fostering journey.


Our staff often attends sporting activities, school programs, recitals or other important activities of our foster children. This allows the children to experience the feeling of support and encouragement from an extended family. Our parents often say "We feel like GCAC of Georgia has adopted our whole family!"

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